Rangat girdled by woes, one on top of another

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12 Dec 2017

The residents of Rangat are facing manifold problems these days. Firstly it is the mobile phone connectivity which is literally making them scamper from pillar to post. The big fat government-run BSNL works at its own whim and fancies, its tower display switching on and off frequently. Distraught, people tried to add Airtel SIM cards to their phones, but the problems persist. Vodafone and Reliance do have their towers, but are of absolutely no use. Rumour mongers, as always are active in Middle Andaman. Rumours are floating, that illegal activity like smuggling of contraband is the reason for such satellite blips, as they are coordinated by criminals, so they can go on with their dark deeds without anybody able to call the cops. People have taken to the roads through demonstrations, demands and complains, but to no avail. Rangat residents demand a tower each at all Panchayat Bhawans, but who is listening?
Next is the LPG cylinder conundrum. Although Rangat is one of the prominent regions in the North and Middle Andaman region, the basic LPG cylinder problem seems to have become as old as its history, with no systematic or time bound supply of the household necessity. People here are so much in jitters about the erratic supply of LPG, that once news of cylinder supply at places like Rampur, Bakultala or Sabri is heard, they leave all work and rush by any means they can avail to get hold of a cylinder for their next meal. Members of families can be seen waiting outside their homes beside their empty cylinders, day in and day out hoping to hear the elusive rumble of the LPG truck. It seems Prime Minister’s Clean Fuel initiative is not applicable here. People of Rangat are demanding timely distribution of cylinders to save them from running to other areas for collection. This menace is also spreading to other areas of North and Middle Andaman, even when the CCS assures of ample stock of the precious LPG cylinders all the time. But why are they not reaching the poor Rangat residents?
“Lack of basic facilities like reliable telecom services, timely supply of LPG refills etc has been taking a toll on residents of Rangat and adjoining areas for the past few months. Consumers have been long complaining about recurring shortage of LPG refills as supply has never been consistent at various places here. Despite a dedicated vehicle for distribution of LPG refills launched by the CCS, consistency has remained far from ensured here. Even BSNL services has taken a hit. This region has a good number of telecom subscriptions, but unlike other parts of this territory that blessed with constant telecom connectivity, residents here are left bereft of the modern day facility. Consumers avail almost all the services of BSNL from Landlines to Broadband, Cellular connections etc. However the premier service provider has not been living upto the expectations of scores of consumers in this region,” said residents of Rangat.