With rising temperatures, fishes vanish from markets at Rangat

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18 Apr 2018

With mercury levels on the rise, fishes have vanished from the local markets at Rangat in Middle Andaman. As per reports, for the past more than seven days, not a single variety of fish was found available in the retail market here leaving consumers at their wits end about the unprecedented scarcity.
Local fishermen claim that fishes have moved to deeper seas due to the rising temperatures causing scarcity of the commodity. “Majority of the fishermen in these islands carry out fishing activity close to shores and are not properly equipped to undertake deep sea fishing. In the Middle Andaman region, it seems that fishes have moved to deeper seas due to the rising temperatures. The situation is likely to become normal after heat levels subside,” said a fisherman.
“We have been compelled to change our menu at home since fishes were not available in the markets here for the past many days. I have been living in Middle Andaman region for many decades but never before I have come across such a situation. Climate change is probably affecting fish catch in this part of these islands,” lamented an elderly resident of Rangat.