Sans PCR Van, emergency response takes a hit in Middle Andaman

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5 Mar 2018

The Andaman and Nicobar Police is ‘always with you, for you'. The motto of the force applies equally for cops posted at Police Station, Rangat in Middle Andaman; lest you have the patience to wait for hours. Sustained efforts of the personnel posted here often meets with a frown from residents who struggle to get timely assistance in times of crisis. The reason attributed to lack of a Police Control Van to monitor different parts under the jurisdiction of the Police Station and ensure timely response. According to reports, the Rangat Police Station has been lacking a PCR Van for the past more than a year. The PCR Van allotted for the station suffered a breakdown after which it was sent for repairs to the Police Motor Transport Unit at Port Blair. But even after a lapse of more than a year, the PCR Van has not been deployed for service at PS Rangat forcing cops to face the ire of locals in the region.
“Rangat Police Station has a massive area under its control in the Middle Andaman region. The PCR van available with the station earlier extensively patrolled the region day in and day out, besides responding to emergency calls made over  100. But the deficiency now has started taking a toll on residents here. In the absence of police patrol particularly during night hours, cases of thefts have reportedly increased in the past few months. During emergencies like road mishaps, people are left helpless. In the absence of PCR Van, victims lay injured for hours and are left at the mercy of ordinary residents to get shifted to medical institutions for timely treatment. The top brass of the Police Department should take a strong note of the deficiency and initiate appropriate steps to deploy a PCR van at Rangat Police Station,” demanded some residents of Rangat.
Police Control Room Vans are specially designed vehicles fitted with flashers, sirens and other equipment  to patrol different parts of a city, town or village as also respond to distress calls. As per practice, information received by the operator in the three digit police assistance number 100, is passed to the closest located PCR Van, which can reach the spot in the shortest duration. The van, once it reaches the site where a police intervention is sought, instantly gives a ‘ground report’ to the Police Control Room. In case a medical assistance is required, it is the PCR Van which provides it – be it either providing initial first aid or rushing an injured to the nearby hospital. Besides responding to the ‘actionable’ calls, the PCR Vans also play a crucial role in managing VIP security, preventing crimes on the streets, thefts etc.