Sans toilet facility, customers forced to relieve himself in open

Rangat Petrol Pump fuels complaints
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20 Mar 2017

Prabir Das, a tourist from Kolkata, had a harrowing experience last week when he visited the Petrol Fuelling Station at Rangat near Nimbutala Junction. Driver of the tourist vehicle stopped at the petrol pump for refuel and Prabir’s desperate search for a toilet at the fuelling station went futile. Left with no other option, the tourist was compelled to urinate in the open space nearby. Prabir is not the sole person, who got deprived of the mandatory free services at the petrol pump in Middle Andaman. Hundreds of commuters in the region have been facing difficulties for lack of free services and other basic amenities such as drinking water and toilet facilities at the petrol pump here. Even the essential power generator and digital meters are missing from the fuel station.
According to reports, thousands of residents in the North and Middle Andaman region have been demanding accessibility to the free services and other basic facilities at the Rangat Petrol Pump for long. Devoid of the free toilet facility, customers park their vehicles at the petrol pump and loo in the open causing a setback to the implementation of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. In the absence of the Generator facility, the Fuel Station is rendered redundant during power-cuts. Customers in the region are also demeaning installation of Digital Fuel Meters at the petrol pump operated by the Indian Oil Corporation, according to reports.
As per rules, all fuel stations are mandated to provide certain free services to customers and they should adhere to the directives. Oil marketing companies regularly run a check to ensure that the retail outlet dealer provides the basic services to their customers. But poor condition or complete lack of toilets, absence of suggestion or complaint book, telephone facilities etc are some of the violations of the guidelines that are plaguing services at petrol pump in Middle Andaman. “Once I had to face a tough time on my way to Diglipur from Baratang at the Petrol Pump near Nimbutala did not have a toilet. My wife and daughter needed to use the toilet, but was forced to approach a hotel owner at Nimbutala Junction. Lack of toilet facility at Rangat is seriously impeding the Swachhta initiative of the government and scenes of people opening responding to nature calls have become rampant near the petrol pump. The authorities also ensure strict steps to equip the station will mandatory free services and other basic amenities,” said a Rangat resident.