SBI’s bulk messages baffle customers in M. Andaman

Linking bank accounts with Aadhar, PAN
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18 Nov 2017

With the deadline for linking bank accounts with Aadhar and PAN cards fast approaching, serpentine queues are being witnessed at the State Bank of India branch here. Hundreds of SBI customers from different parts in Middle Andaman are at their wit's end trying to get their documents in place, while the bank officials are struggling to tackle the rush. Bulk messaging by the SBI to customers is adding to the woes as people, who have already provided their details, rush to the Bank immediately after receiving the SMS.
The State Bank of India these islands is sending bulk SMSs to customers asking them to furnish  Aadhar and PAN card details in the bank accounts or risk getting the account blocked after Dec 31, 2017. However, less educated people in Middle Andaman, who have already seeded their bank accounts rush to the SBI branch after receiving the text message to avoid any risk.
“Heavy rush can be witnessed at the counters of SBI branch here on a daily basis. Customers want to seed their bank accounts with Aadhar and PAN cards before the deadline. Many people in this region have already provided necessary details to the bank, but the bulk SMS facility launched by SBI is creating confusion among customers. Ignorant customers rush to the bank after receiving the SMS despite of having seeded their accounts earlier. The SBI should work out a mechanism to avoid such confusion among customers,” said some Rangat residents.