Shivapuram Bus Stand in pitiable condition

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18 Feb 2019

The pitiable condition of Bus Stand at Shivapuram in Middle Andaman is not only causing considerable inconvenience to the commuters but also earning bad names for the Panchayat. Poor sanitation and lack of repair and maintenance deters commuters to use the facility rendering them totally redundant.
People complain that it is difficult to stand under the wretched shed. Most of the bus shelters in this part of the Islands are in broken condition or completely in dire strait providing little protection from heat and rain. In the absence of repairs and renovation, the shelters have become home to stray animals. The situation is so pathetic that seldom can a person be seen utilizing the Bus Stand in the areas. Expectations are high among the residents that the concern Panchayat will take action to renovate the Bus Stand in our areas,” said a resident of Shivapuram.
Behind the bus stand is a big drains which has not been cleaned for the last few months. Lack of cleanliness has resulted in accumulation of slit and garbage in the drain spitting out foul smells. Residents blame the Panchayat for not cleaning the drains for many months, causing overflowing sewage water to spill onto the roads. “We have been forced to live in such an unrelenting condition for over a period of time, said a resident, who lives near the drain.