Society’s glare on use of cell-phones by wards’ in MA Schools

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16 Dec 2017

Middle Andaman (MA) is facing the cell-phone menace among school going kids, especially senior secondary students. They sneak them to school, even when regular stringent checks are carried out by teachers. The craze to own a mobile phone apparatus has spread like an epidemic, with parents or teachers unable to rein it or find a remedy.
As per sources, the mania has reached such a level that a student planned to commit suicide when denied a phone by his parents. The poor parents had to give in to his demands. Incidents of cell-phone thefts by adolescents are becoming a norm. A child was caught after stealing a phone from his neighbour’s house.  A signal of juvenile criminality is raising its head, just to possess this little apparatus. Some parents are giving in to the incessant demands and emotional blackmailing by their wards and buy them costly handsets.
“Boys and girls even outside homes and schools are found engrossed with their touch-screens. Peer pressure is mounting on hapless and not so well-off parents. Kids are many a times caught watching porn during school hours spreading the lurid videos to friends. It is indeed a modern day global phenomenon which is impossible to rein in. Strong and strict measures could be counter- productive, forcing kids to lie and go on devious paths. Counselling could be the way out. The government, the elected representatives, the parents should all come together, put their thinking caps on in unison to end this hydra-headed menace which is not only eating into children’s and parent’s brains, but also tearing down the social fabric of these remote islands,” said an employee of a government school in Middle Andaman requesting anonymity.