Traffic rules don’t apply for N&M ZP Up-Adhyaksh

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9 Feb 2019

In another case of PRI member openly flouting traffic rules, the Up-Adhyaksh, Zilla Parishad North & Middle Andaman, Mr. Anil Bepari have been seen riding a motorcycle in the Bakultala area without wearing helmet. He has been openly violating the traffic rules and the fearful Traffic Police of the PS Rangat have no choice but to allow him to break all traffic rules. Earlier, this publication has published news report of the Pradhan, Bakultala riding a motorcycle without wearing helmet. Such incidents of reluctant on the part of the traffic police to enforce challans on PRI members and going after the common citizen is testimony of the double standard of the traffic police. “They don’t leave common citizens violating traffic rules. At the same time, they do not take action against PRI members violating traffic rules. This is the motto of the traffic police,” said a resident of Rangat.
Even as traffic offences particularly driving without helmets or safety gears have witnessed a major reduction in the city and suburbs, the scenario remains widely unchecked in other parts of the island territory. This part of the islands has become a glaring example in this regard where a particular scene of an elected PRI member roaming along the streets without a helmet is an easy camera capture. According to reports, the self-styled ruler of the N&M Andaman has been habituated to openly violate the vital traffic norm and roves around in his motorcycle without an helmet and dares to even challenge authorities when questioned.
This elected PRI member of N&M Andaman is a self-proclaimed honcho of the region and has become famous for his law-breaking activities. He even instigates other members of the Panchayat not to wear helmets. There have been occasions when he even threatened the police personnel if they blocked his vehicle for traffic violation, said some resident of Bakultala.