Unprecedented power cuts cripple normalcy in Middle Andaman

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21 Apr 2017

“It seems there is no respite in sight from power pangs for the residents of Middle Andaman. The relentless and unannounced power-cuts for the past one week has thrown normal life out of gear here and we clearly can't take it anymore,” is what many residents of Rangat, be it a house wife or a small time businessmen or a government employee, has to say about the present power scenario in the region. “With the summer season at its peak, we expected improvement in the power distribution front. But the situation is worsening day by day much to everybody's shock and concern,” they lamented looking towards the power agency in total anxiety.
Unprecedented power cuts in different parts of Middle Andaman have become the order of the day at any given time and day for the past 7 days. According to reports, the Electricity Division of Rangat and adjoining areas have been practicing long hour and unannounced power-cuts and forcing vast stretches in the region to plunge into darkness for several hours of the day. Reports claim that the Power Department is facing shortage in some generation units operating in the region, but consumers maintain that the agency has made it a perennial excuse forcing them to face hardships as duration of the load shedding only proves the gravity of the problem.
“Be it any time of the day, early morning, late night or scorching afternoons, people have been facing the brunt of unannounced and prolonged power-cuts for more than a week now. Consumers are bearing more than 8 hours of daily power-cut doses. The power supply situation is in a very dismal state at Rangat and adjoining area. The region has been left devoid of attention by the top brass of the Power Department for the past several years. The power outrages are also taking a toll on the commercial establishments and agricultural activities here. Businessmen are facing losses due to the brutal power-cuts. Even functioning of government agencies is being hampered due to the power-cuts. Residents here are now extremely agitated and demanding round the clock power supply in the Middle Andaman region,” said some residents of Parnashala.