2G will return to claim its scamsters

Sushil Kutty

When the scam broke the country was absolutely shocked. The loss to the exchequer ran into lakhs of crores of rupees. It was labelled as the biggest political scandal in the world, second only to Watergate. The scam-tainted UPA government was thrown out by the people and the country’s reputation was in tatters, humiliated on the world stage as an epitome of corruption.
Now, six years later, the people of India are once again absolutely shocked. What, no scam? No loss of money, thousands and thousands of crores of rupees? What is notional loss? Why did this same judge send Kanimozhi and A Raja to jail, then? Why did then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh hint that ‘compulsions of coalition’ were to blame? Such questions are being asked. And will be asked because government agencies did establish to and fro money flows as reported by an impartial print media.
That said, it was an absolutely glorious day for the DMK. From the pits to the peak in six years. Two members of the party went to jail and like the UPA it paid a political price. The DMK was labelled a corrupt party. One of the jailed DMK members was a woman parliamentarian. And the other was A King. December 21 both were acquitted. Now the shocking and pleasant 2G verdict has made some amends.
For the Congress it is absolute vindication. Then, when the scam was established, the Congress-led UPA government of Manmohan Singh failed to win another term because of the perception that it sat on the second biggest scam in the world being played out right under the nose of the economist-Prime Minister.
Today, seven years after the scam broke, all the propaganda against the UPA government has been put to rest or so it has been claimed. The Congress has reason to gloat. It has gone to town with the verdict to corner the BJP and the government. But the celebrations might not last long. The high court is bound to admit the appeal and whatever happens thereafter could make some hearts heavy all over again.
The fact of the matter is all the fire behind the smoke cannot be doused offhand. The investigating agencies will once again put their heads together. The sense of the ominous will return. It is a sad and apprehensive feeling, the stress that follows, something which Kanimozhi alluded to outside the court on Thursday. The CBI judge has been very harsh on the CBI for botching up the case, why? He has mentioned in his judgement that the charge sheet was ‘choreographed’, by whom?
Did the CBI deliberately mess up the case as asked by Arvind Kejriwal? The Supreme Court cancelled 122 2G licences stating that they were illegal and that the then Spectrum allocation policy was corrupt, riddled with holes.
The bottom line is was there a 2G scam and a loss of Rs 1.76 lakh crore? The Congress now says that it was a ‘notional loss’, a ‘CAG Vinod Rai’ scam that the then opposition and now ruling party has egg on its face and Modi should apologise not only for his Pakistan comment vis a vis Manmohan Singh but also for spreading lies and propaganda against the UPA.
For now the Congress will milk the verdict to the fullest extent possible. Rahul Gandhi has already reached out to the DMK and there could be a tie-up between the two. But the reality is that the Congress can only go so far and no farther. It is hard to believe that Aarushi was murdered but there is no murderer. Similarly, it is absolutely certain that the 2G scam will come back to claim its scamsters. (IPA)

Saturday, 6 January, 2018