Seeing your pictures in blue..
Captivated I am with beautiful you..
Holding you close to my heart deep..
Dreaming of seeing you soon as I sleep..

Beautiful you with smile sweet..
Seem fascinating in deep blue..
May I kiss your hands sleek..
Dear dream girl as I meet you sweet..

Saying nothing you only smile a little..
Charming cheerful young angel..
Beautiful you in deep blue..
Speaking in silence I do love you..

Whispering back in your ears..
I too love you like anything dear..
I do kiss your diamond studded ears..
Sparkling like fresh white flowers..

Your beautiful black eyes..
Drooping down for a while..
As I look into your enchanting eyes..
Adding grace to beauty you smile..

A beautiful tune is on play..
Somewhere on piano not on display..
Two loving hearts coming very close..
Writing together a romantic poem not prose..

Holding you in embrace close..
Saying words sweet with grace..
Feeling fortunate I am my dear..
With beautiful you being so near..

It is heavenly beautiful night..
Beautiful moon shining bright..
Romantic being the moonlit night..
Moments in love and romance quiet..

Suddenly silence of night speaks..
As it rains outside in drizzles sweet..
Fragrance fresh soil like filling the air..
Heavenly beautiful being the atmosphere..

Night of love I do recall..
Romantic rains raining all..
Raindrops keep falling in drip drops..
Sweet feeling of love resonating in hearts..

Beautiful you are in blue..

Handsome too are you..
Reciprocating each other in love..
We smile and laugh in love..

Now time to say good night..
Night passing by in fading moonlight..
With promises to meet again..
Dawn of love breaking once again..

What a beautiful moment it was..
Seeing you in deep blue lost I was..
Beautiful you in romantic blue..
Seem like an angel out of blue..!!!

Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests(Wildlife)

Thursday, 4 January, 2018