“Education is the single most important tool that shapes mankind”

A unique concept was born, “Mahatma Gandhi International School” with an intention & commitment to provide result oriented quality education.  “Nothing can  substitute the classroom teaching from experienced Guru”. The lessons from them make the most difficult topic the easiest one. It goes a long way in sharpening the skills and the fine tuning of concepts. The classroom environment keeps the students focused and motivated. It is the most comfortable place where the students gain the most by learning through experts and clearing their doubts instantly.
At MGIS   “we are committed to providing each student the opportunity to complete development as a person: academically, socio-emotionally, culturally and physically.” We provide a platform for the students to prepare themselves for the  competitive exams like IIT-JEE, NEET, Olympiads, Govt. Exams, Bank exams, etc…,which is integrated with the main stream academics, spearheaded  by First Bench. MGIS is  the first school in Andaman to have such a program,  starting from Grade VI to Grade XII as early learning development. This Integrated course include comprehensive coverage of CBSE syllabus subjects in synchronized way and all those additional & relevant topics of higher level will also be taught at this stage to include analytic skills, problems solving ability and better understanding of core-concepts required for IIT-JEE and various competitive examinations (like NEET/Olympiads).
Common practice test (CPT) which is a righteous testing tool is conducted every week. It gives the opportunity to students to know their rank at all India level. Besides keeping them always at their toe, it helps them in analyzing their weakness and error prone habits through integrated level analysis. It also helps them in getting used to the examination pattern and overcome examination phobia. At MGIS along with First Bench, we follow this approach in our training programs combining concepts from SSC, CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and IB boards comprehensively. It will guide the students to understand Mathematics, Biology, Physics and Chemistry objectively in solving complex numerical and logical problems. Be it competitive examinations or entrance test for state, national and international professional courses, students attempt them boldly and with heightened confidence. Our stage plan for Basics in Classroom teaching:
Stage1: Based on the particular topics, micro level plans are formulated by identifying their basics, concepts, that need to be mastered and related subtopics.
Stage2: with these guiding plans in the backdrops, identified syllabi and taught to students through prescribed textbooks with additional activities and examples.
Stage3: Students further apply the knowledge in solving problems on each concept.
Stage4: Students review their retention of the acquired knowledge and capabilities in solving cumulative assignments based on multiple concepts.
Every board of education in India differently imparts training and skills to students through varied syllabi and preparation techniques. The Flagship institute of MGIS in Port Blair, Andaman has extended to established its program into Integrated syllabus with The First bench for aspirants of National level entrance exams. But to integrate similarities and differences in a meaningful manner, bringing the best of all academic worlds into one easiest approach, is the most effective in all-round development. This model of educational training is sure to create a substantial difference in the personality of students which parents can be proud of. The response we received from the parents so far have been good.


By – The management of Mahatma Gandhi International School, Port Blair

Tuesday, 29 May, 2018