Employers search: Just a Graduate? What more…

Dr. S. Ganesan

When we go to super market, our eyes stop and catch that 20% extra offer in talcum powder package. The eye further googles to find more extras, if any (available above 20%). This is a normal human tendency in our day-to-day purchases. More or less similar phenomena take place in employers approach too.
If we analyze the 50-100 ‘opportunities’ or ‘wanted’ column of employment news or any news paper, it is common to notice the following:
•  Minimum eligibility condition (s)
• Additional educational qualification (s)
• Desirable qualification (s)
• Experience (s)
• Competency in languages
Mostly, the minimum eligibility qualification is ‘any degree’ or ‘graduate’ in any subject’. This has become the base line for all job requirements now. It is quite obvious that a person with more additional/desirable qualifications gets higher change for employment.
Assume that your graduation is numerically equal to ‘zero’ (0) and the additional qualification is ‘one’ (1). Placing ‘one’ just before the ’zero’ makes it ‘ten’ (10). Further, you have some more specific qualifications, then one more additional ‘one’ will be placed before the ‘ten’ and becomes ‘110’ (hundred and ten). Thus, your numerical value (just an assumption) goes like: 0, 10,110, 1110, 11110 etc. The more ‘ones’ you place before your base ‘zero’, makes yours change brighter in job market. This fact must be known to many of the job seekers too. Let us see the possible ways to acquire the value addition for your simple degree qualification.



Routine choice of acquiring a PG degree is a normal common practice only. But, selecting such PG with specifications in new emerging areas will be much better. For example, instead of studying M.A, in Sociology, the M.A. Anthropology (a study of human being in time and space) makes a specialized PG in your educational qualifications basket. The PG qualification place the unemployed person at par with experienced person. The requirement of years of experience kept less for PG degree holders as compared to graduates. Thus, one should try to get a PG degree soon after the graduation, without much gap in study period.
Mostly the specialization diploma/ PG diploma of related areas are provided by open and distance education universities/institutions. Having completed UG, one can easily manage self-study method to upgrade relevant additional/desirable qualifications that appears in ‘wanted’ columns. In some cases, spending useful one year in PG diploma/diplomas is much wiser option instead of PG even. One should not commit the common mistake of under-estimating or over-estimating PG by just comparing with years of study. (two year study greater than one year). The academic decisions are to be taken individual specific and according to job market fluctuations or expectations. By foreseeing expected vacancies in a sector/department, you can develop yourself to fit into the most eligible category by acquiring suitable PG diploma/diploma/PG depending upon the availability of time. If one is applying for a post in Tribal welfare unit, the person with PG Diploma in Social Work among the Tribal (PGDWST) will be preferred rather a simple BA in Sociology candidate. It is just an example to understand the benefits of specialized diplomas.
People some time gets confused and fear of having over qualifications for a job. Today, the problem of under-employment is common and to a larger extent acceptable scenario too. Moving from ‘unemployed’ to ‘under-employed’ and then to ‘rightly-employed’ is an on-going process. Shifting from under-employed status to right placement is facilitated by the PG diploma/Diploma/ Certificate courses. To provide educational opportunities for such group of population, IGNOU like ODL providers offer specializations courses on: Disaster Management, Rural Development, Translation, JMC, IPR, Child Care, Urban Planning, Nutrition, NGO Management, Creative Writing, HR, IT etc,.
To widen the academic programmes’ offers more open and accessible, the distance education system   gives admission throughout the year. The young and unemployed /under-employed population can make use of such educational opportunities for uplifting their socio and economic status. Make use of short period study (one year/six months) gives value addition to simple graduation. Let our country have more and more talented employees with relevant knowledge and skill through specialization diplomas/certificates.
* The author is Regional Director of IGNOU, Regional Centre, Port Blair and can be reached at rcportblair@ignou.ac.in , Mob. 8900936718.

Wednesday, 30 August, 2017