Lessons from Russian revolution

S Sudhakar Reddy

The centenary of Great October Socialist Revolution is being celebrated not only in Russia and the erstwhile countries of the disintegrated Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) but by the toiling masses throughout the world.
Ten days shook the world, in November 1917, because the working class, the peasants, and the soldiers threw out the exploiting class from power and established their own state, a socialist state where there is no exploitation of man by man. The very idea that the ‘labour’ will be ruling a state was till then unimaginable and frightening to the ruling classes, businessmen, capitalists and bourgeois political leaders all over the world. They were shaking in their shoes over the very idea of labour capturing power in one country that may influence the poor and labour in their countries resulting in the likely spread of revolution. Hence they attacked Russia from different sides but failed to destroy the revolution.
The Great October Socialist Revolution inspired the young patriots in different countries who wanted to change the most inhuman exploitative system. Leaders of national liberation movement in Asia, Africa, the writers, artists and intellectuals were inspired by the Revolution. One after one in more than 100 countries communist parties sprang up.
October Revolution created the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic. Socialism in Russia has made that most backward country into a mighty power in two decades, defeating civil war, famines and correcting initial mistakes. People’s living standards improved considerably. Land was distributed to the people. Big industries developed. Employment was provided to millions of people.
Then came the attack of fascism. Fascism is the worst form of cruel reactionary bourgeois rule. Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler, fascist Italy under dictator Mussolini and war monger Japan under Hiro Hito formed Axis Powers to conquer the world and divide among themselves. The capitalist countries encouraged fascism with an ulterior motive to destroy socialist Russia. But when Germany started occupying many European countries including France, they agreed to join the Soviet Union and formed Allied Powers, which included Great Britain, France and USA along with USSR.
Fascism is the most cruel ideology in the world. They chant nationalist slogans but seek to impose the hegemonistic rule of finance capital. It initiated the great Second World War in 1939.
The war spread to an area of 22 million square kilometres in the world, destroyed 1,700 towns, 70,000 villages in Soviet Union and almost one million houses in France. Every third house in Great Britain was damaged. Four hundred villages were wiped out in Greece. Two third livestock was destroyed in Yugoslavia. Poland was ravaged. Several lakhs were killed. Jews were the target of fascists. Six lakh French and four lakh Americans were killed. But the biggest sacrifice was made by Soviet Union whose two crore soldiers and citizens were killed.
In 1933 the Executive Committee of Communist International defined fascism as “the open terrorist dictatorship of the most reactionary, most chauvinistic and most imperialist elements of finance capital.”
Fascism started taking different forms in different countries after seven decades of defeat of fascism, but its basic nature has not changed.
The present day world once again faces the threat of fascism or fascistic tendencies. It is a matter of serious concern, in the recent election of Germany, pro-fascist right wing party could get more than 13 per cent vote and a number of seats in Parliament. USA has got a President who is racist and with his acts, provoking war. Turkey has a tyrannical President who is suppressing dissent and democracy. In several West European countries, reactionary governments are capturing power.
We are facing fascistic threat under BJP-NDA rule, with remote control in the hands of RSS which admires fascism. One form of fascism is a call for a “strong man” to control ‘anarchy and chaos’ which in fact is targeted against the agitations of unemployed youth, working class battles for their rights, etc and for the right to dissent. The capitalist crisis is deepening in Europe and USA.
Rabid communalism, hatred for other religions, threats in the name of nationalism, intolerance to intellectuals, writers, artists, rationalists, misuse of power to suppress opposition, attack on democratic practices and principles, demagogy in the name of poor and service to corporates can be witnessed in the three year rule of BJP. Rich has become much richer and poor have become poorer. Twelve crore children in the country are undernourished according to World Hunger Survey.
Factory of lies are manufacturing lies about economy, about communists and attacks are on increase. Rationalists are murdered. Minorities, Dalits are targeted. Print and electronic media concentrated in the hands of corporates are suppressing the news of people’s struggles, opposition criticisms and exaggerating BJPs propaganda thus trying to “manufacture the consent” of people through lies. Spreading fake news has become the order of the day.
Like fascism, fascistic rule can also be defeated. Secular, democratic left forces have to be united. Left sectarianism will not work. It will only help the reactionary forces in the country. Left should be clear who the main enemy today is. Equating the major bourgeois parties with fascistic forces will be suicidal.
There is discontent among large sections of people, as unemployment is on increase. Prices are going up. Public sector is being destroyed. Agriculture is in disarray. Peasants are committing suicide.
Left is not very strong but that is the only consistent section which can mobilise the people and bring all secular, democratic forces together. Enemy media tries to undermine the striking capacity of the Left to demoralise the people. Left has larger acceptability among democratic sections of people and enjoys the confidence of the downtrodden. Left should unite to build large secular democratic left platform without reservations. That is the way we can defeat the fascistic rule. (IPA)

Sunday, 5 November, 2017