"MISSION Mt THUILLIER” A journey to the highest peak of Nicobar: Conquering New Heights (642 Mtrs)

Dr Mohd Rehan Raza

Mount Thuillier is the highest point in the Nicobar Islands, located in the Indian Ocean and bordering on the Andaman Sea. The mount is located on the island of Great Nicobar, measuring 642 m above mean sea level. Its geology features intrusive igneous rock formations, such as gabbro, combined with metamorphic minerals such as serpentine. The hill is thought to have arisen due to tectonic activity in the region.
One of most challenging journey to climb Mountain Thuillier , the highest peak of Nicobar began from Break water jetty , Campbell Bay at 7 am today (19/03/2017) on board the ICGS C 414 . We reached to Navy Dera from Campbell Bay covering 10.8 Nautical miles in an hour .  Mid sea changed to small boat and reached  the shores of Navy Dera. After initial assessment ; the most arduous and challenging journey to climb to the highest peak Mt Thuillier began at 8:40 am . Crossing through the dense tropical evergreen forests, braving the rains and difficult  terrain , carefully climbing up and kept walking .The dense evergreen forest obstructed the sunlight and made the visibility low .we reached the Mt Thuillier at 12 Noon ( 3:20 hrs in climbing up ) . After reaching the highest point of Mt Thuillier we unfurled the National Flag with all respect and saluted it . Took pictures and haulted their for an hour .We all members of the victorious team chanted Bharat Mata Ki Jai , Vande Mataram and Jai hind .All the faces were bright and a sense of great achievement was evident on all the jubilant faces . In the backdrop of the huge success in conquering the highest peak of Nicobar we all ate sweets ( rasgullah) and juice to celebrate . We began our return that is started to climb down at 1 pm and reached the sea shores at 4 pm ( 3 hrs return journey ) ; so total we covered 6 : 20 hrs on foot to & fro. Climbing down was very risky as the rain had made the leaves and the path very slippery . It's physically very demanding testing an individuals grit ; mental strength and determination to the core . It tests the endurance , agility , flexibility and stamina to a challenging level .one has to be highly energetic & quick . Mysteries unraveled about the dense forest and new stories created .The enchanting beauty of this untouched nature's bounty mesmerized everyone and the scent of plants and orchids made the surroundings conducive .Although we anticipated Reticulated Pythons ; snakes and wild pigs but we didn't encountered them .Finally we reached Campbell Bay at 6 pm safely. This is the first time any officer from administration ( except forest deptt officials ) has reached Mt Thuillier. The whole visit was organized by O/o A.C Campbell Bay with the support provided by Indian Coast Guard CGDHQ 10 , Campbell Bay along with the forest deptt, Campbell Bay .Grateful to all of them for their help extended.
The District administration has taken this initiative on the request of INS BAAZ ( Indian Navy ) who have to install No obstruction light at the highest peak so that the aircrafts can easily land at Campbell Bay airport safely without endangering human life .
As of now there is no human settlement here and this area comes under the jurisdiction of Forest deptt .
The District administration is taking all efforts in reaching the hitherto unreached areas as development & progress of islands is the vision of the administration. The distt administration is keeping an eye on all these areas of strategic importance.
* Assistant Commissioner & SDM
Campbell Bay, Great Nicobar

Monday, 20 March, 2017