It was the story when the British raj rule transferred from the East India Company to the crown. The India post was founded on 1st April 1854 .  By 1861 there were 889 Post offices which was handling nearly 43 million letters over 405 million of  newspaper annually.The first superintendent of the post office was appointed in 1870 at Allahabad. The volume of mail moved by the postal system increased significantly it was doubled between 1854 and 1866 and doubled again in 1871 as a results the lower rates were fixed for “steamer” mail to Europe  at 6 Anna this special privileges were enjoyed by the officials of east India company. But in 1886 India was the first to adopt the expedient of over printing on postage stamps or revenue stamps. New designs for four Anna, eight Anna stamps were issued in 1866.
DURING 1858 AT BOMBAY                                THEY COMPLETED 100 YRS

On 1 April 1882 the post office stated there first agency function later on it was became one of the most important activity that is the post office savings bank system was opened and today in India. Post office savings bank has the largest number of savings bank account which is merely 35, 00, 00,000 then the insurance scheme system was started by the Indian post on 1st February 1884 as a welfare measure to their employees. Then the world’s first official airmail flight place in India on 18th February 1911. Which carried about 33 pounds of mail from Allahabad to Naini which included the letters to the King George V of United Kingdom and India was the first commonwealth country to issue airmail stamps. At that time the telegraphy and telephony made their appearance as separate with post office departments.
India attainted independence on 15th august 1947. After that Indian post and telegraph department embarked on a board- based policy for the issuance of stamps. The first new stamp after independence was on 21st November 1947. It depicts the Indian flag with the at three and one-half Anna and the post  independent  India has issued various number issues of stamp for a memorial to mahatma Gandhi was issued on 15th august 1948. Next was on the eve of first the republic day and subsequent issues was on the culture of India in 1958 than in 1965 for currency decimals and in 1955 for technological development. India has printed stamps and postal stationery for other countries, mostly Burma (Myanmar), Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Portugal, and Ethiopia.
Then on the occasion on 25th Independence Day i.e. on 15th august 1972 the Indian post had taken a very huge step in the history and introduced the system of pin code started. The first eight are for geographical and ninth one for the Army postal service
• The first digit indicates the region
• The first two digit indicate the sub- division or postal circle
• Third digit for indicate a sorting district
• The last three digits indicates the delivery post office
                                                                                                                                OF ONE LAKH POST OFFICES IN INDIA       
The department of Post started multipurpose counter service with computers in 1991 and increases staff productivity. 25,000 departmental posts offices out of 25,464 were computerized between 2011-2012.Then the Indian postal open world’s highest post office in hakim, hiatal Pradesh. This is operated by Indian post at the height of 15,500 ft. from the sea level. then in the year 2008 the government of India launched a project namely the “project arrow” to upgrade the post offices in urban and as well as rural areas, and improving services and appearance into a vibrant and responsive organization  and to make a visible and positive difference and providing secure IT services and improving mail delivery this project improved services in more than 23,500 post offices for this the department of Posts received the Prime Minister’s Award for excellence in public administration during 2008-09 for “ Project Arrow – transforming India Post” on 21st April 2010.
The postal department started various services one of the most interesting services by any department in India that is philately service I was started on 6th march 1897 to service postage stamp collections. Due to this in India now there are totally 68 philately bureau and 111 philately counters including all head post offices in the India as on 31 march 2011. By 2009-2010 1, 83,202 philately deposit account holders according to this service all the general post offices are authorized to sell United Nations stamps and a yearly philately magazine was launched in 2008.
Then in the year 2011 the national philatelic museum for around the world and venue for exhibit their collection.

Then in the year 2013 the post department satared a service of Indian postal order can used for online payment of fees for access to information under the RTI act of 2005 the service was expanded to include all Indians citizens on 14th February 2014.postal life insurance which was introduced in the year  1884 which was country’s oldest insurer and by 2015 there were 6.4 million polices which were active it covers all central and state government  employees and staffs of nationalized banks some of the insurance schemes are santosh, suraksha, sumangal, and rural life insurance for rural area peoples. Post office savings bank which was introduced in 1882 which is now having many schemes like savings account, National Saving Certificate, Monthly Income Plans, Time Deposits, kisan vikas patra senior citizen account  etc.

Now by 2005 our post offices stared earning very less revenue and by 2009 the post office started incurring losses more than 5900 crores which was 50% of the total expenditure incurred (13,075 crores )   and from then the department of post started incurring losses about 50% of their total expenditure  but by 2013 the department of post started various service like  introduction of ATM’s, electronic postal order and selective measures have taken in parcel services by which the loss deducted by 18% now the losses incurred  by post offices are 38% but it is not a matter of improvement because if it continued then soon the postal department will also have to shut down like the telegram department of our country the improvement of technology is now causing very big problems to the world’s largest postal department for his survival in the future……….
* The writer is 2nd year student of B.Com, JNRM

Friday, 24 August, 2018