Respect road rules

Dr D Harishkumar

A few seconds of impatience on roads leads to permanent patients with disabilities in life. Life is so precious and we all know how difficult is it to cope up with sudden loss of life of near and dear. One of the major reasons for sudden death is due to accidents which could have been easily avoided by mere patience. An accident means an unexpected and unintentional incident causing damage or injury. The victim could have been a sole bread winner of the family, only son or daughter of parent and with the dreams of forthcoming marriage and so on. A lady was a pillion rider of her daughter in a two wheeler and for no fault of hers she fell down and developed loss of memory due to blood clot in frontal lobe of brain and who is the cause for these? Every one of us should have conscious, responsibilities, and discipline while driving on roads. This accident not only makes the victim in to disability also makes family members in stress leading to depression, loss of income, and family burdens. Some of the precautions are 1) Respect the right of way of everyone.
2. Do not exceed the speed limit.(The faster we are moving, the longer it takes for the car to do our bidding  when we apply brakes) 3.Pay attention to roads(many accidents takes place as driver not pay much attention on the roads)4.Always remember to wear seat belt (though it appear insignificant it saves many lives from injury of rib, lungs and heart against steering wheel ) 5.Do not Drive if  stressed or unwell. 6. Slow down on wet roads and bad weather.7.Know the blind spots (area behind the pillars of the car and back are the usual blind spots and useful while changing the lanes) 8.Never use mobile phones (If need to phone park the car safe and do it) 9.Never ever drink and drive.10.Avoid construction areas.11.Limit passengers and night driving. 12. Drive a safe vehicle. We must take precautions to avoid accidents and if we don’t then we ourselves are responsible for the consequences
* Amrita Health Centre, Shadipur

Saturday, 8 December, 2018