Think positive for good health, lifestyle

Dr. D Harish Kumar

Lifestyle diseases are hitting the patient’s life where they don’t even accept the disease mentally but the reality is that if they accept it has many positive responses in the body. Yes positive thinking strengthens the immunity and negative emotions can weaken it. In our body inflammation and oxidation are the major setbacks which lead to diseases and the good immunity lessens the inflammation.
Positive thinking is a mental attitude in which we expect good and favourable results, positive mind waits for happy ending in any situations it is the process of creating thoughts and transform energy into reality. There is a link between “positivity” and health. University of Kansas study found that smiling—even fake smiling –reduces the heart rate and blood pressure during stressful situations
Another study from Curtin University found that people who viewed their illness as more serious, symptomatic with negative emotions developed depression and anxiety. The Professor Hagger insisted that Health professionals should not only communicate the serious consequences of the illness but also identify concrete ways to help patients deal with their illness such as taking their medication as prescribed or attending their medical appointments as required.
Positive Thinking improves immune system, decrease Blood pressure, increase Resilience(having better coping skills),contributes to longevity, increase pain tolerance(with positive thinking mindset reduces the focus on pain and discomfort), improves social health(If you are positive society will place a higher value, respect on your decision)contributes to leadership skills, increases self esteem and produces better habits.
Some key points to build resiliency are to maintain good relationships with family and friends, accept that change is a part of life, take action on problems rather than hoping they disappear or waiting for them to resolve themselves.
What you live today is the result of your yesterday’s thoughts, and what will live tomorrow is the result of your today’s thoughts
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Saturday, 17 November, 2018