A Tribute to “The Tiger”

The tall figure that he was mesmerized every soul with his presence . Sardar Beant Singh was a great reformer. He laid the foundation of education in these isles. He was humble and kind at heart but a strict disciplinarian too. He believed in the philosophy that life is a call to share it in the world’s making. My association with him was from 29th June 2005 to 10th January 2018. In these years when we were together, I only saw him taking the best out of me. We were generations apart, but we existed as friends. When the whole world looked at me as an imperfect being, he just saw perfect talent in me. I had the freedom to make an institution of his dreams , that is Khalsa Public School  become an academic hub of his choice. He never let me get carried away by my small wins but chided me to work harder. In the moments of distress, he taught how an effort a day keeps the failure away. There is nothing that can defeat a man of principles and perseverance if one relies on one’s abilities. The kids would run to his chamber and share their day’s performance with him. I silently enjoyed such ethereal moments. He always let winds of change blow in the premises of Khalsa Public School .An introduction of new technical methods lit his face up. He wanted each and every child to learn and grow with freedom of expression .
S. Beant Singh lived bounded in the shells of yesterday, today and tomorrow. The experience of an era gone by enabled him to make every needy soul’s present improve for his or her better future. It was just a pleasure working with him around us. By ages, we were decades apart but our professional interests were same. He scorned the young people falling lick frequently .We looked up to him and imagined the secret of his youthful existence even when he was 84. He was a walking institution with a memory anybody could envy.
He was an unparalleled casket of wisdom. He knew how to take charge of notoriety with patience. He was a blessing in disguise for numerous children and the needy but an awe for the professionals working under him. He achieved  greatness  and  lived  life king size .
His academic roar earned him an apt name “The Tiger”. Men may come and men may go but he will live in the hearts of every one forever. Long live HIS glorious name!
The writer is Dr S K Jagpal, Principal, Khalsa Public Senior Secondary School, Port Blair

Sunday, 13 January, 2019