Reflex Action

Dr. S. Ganesan Regional Director, IGNOU

As per medical sciences, the good health indicators are many and we also normally come to know those quantitative data through master health check-ups. In simple way, we can ourselves know the status of health in day-today activities.  For example, while
• Not able to eat all eatable items as per our wish (food restriction)
• Giving order for tea / coffee in a hotel  ( blood sugar)
• Not able to eat outside food at functions / hotels (stomach upset)

Raman Swamy

Varavara Rao is 77 years old – he is a well-known Telugu poet, college principal and human rights activist - his house in Hyderabad was raided on Tuesday morning.  The reason, according to the police, is that he is suspected of plotting to assassinate Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Amulya Ganguli

The basis of the Opposition challenge to the BJP in the forthcoming State Assembly elections and next year’s general election is the formation of an alliance of regional parties. As is known in political circles, this togetherness will not be easy to achieve in view of the mercurial temperament of some of the leaders and the conflicting demands of the various parties.

B. Sivaraman

How do you rate a report released in August 2018 by an authoritative UN agency like ILO exclusively on the wage scenario in India that makes no scrutiny of the Code of Wages, 2017 that was tabled in parliament in August 2017 itself and on which the country has been debating for the past one year?

G. Srinivasan

The Modi government is heading to seek a renewal of mandate before long to implement its triple credo of perform, reform and transform for another five years beginning the summer of 2019, having subjected the economy to disruptive demonetization of high denomination currencies in 2016 and the perfunctory placement of the goods and services tax (GST) in July 2017 as the acme of its economic reformist credentials in its maiden tenure.

Aditya Aamir

Congress is like 'Get off my lawn' since May 2014. Congress without power is like jail without parole. Jailbreak, the only option. Overpower the jail superintendent. That is Mani Shankar Aiyar and Salman Khurshid in 2015. They crossed the border to lay out the plan – 'Get off my lawn, Pakistan please help'. Last week Navjot Sidhu took the turn. He hugged Gen Qamar Bajwa, felt the electricity run up his spine, ‘Qayanat Mil Gaya!’

Subrata Majumder

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Independence Day speech surreptitiously missed the Make in India story, while he was exuberant about all other major schemes. Make in India was supposed to be his flagship scheme, as it was projected as the main driver of job creation in the country.

Arun Srivastava

While India grieves the demise of its beloved statesman-leader Atal Behari Vajpayee, political leaders, ruling elites and the corporate board rooms are weighing its implications for the electoral prospects of BJP and Modi in the 2019Lok Sabha polls. This is particularly in view of the perception that Modi is losing his touch and charisma.

Kalyani Shankar

With the BJP leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi advocating ardently ‘One Nation, One Poll,’ there are questions in the political circles whether it is possible or feasible before the next Lok Sabha polls, and if not, why are they talking about it.

P. Sreekumaran

The worst, hopefully, is over. Rain-ravaged Kerala is getting its breath back. Petrified people are picking up the pieces of their lives shattered by the deluge of death and destruction.