Reflex Action

In what was considered a test case for the amendments brought to the rape law after the Nirbhaya gang rape in 2013, Mahmood Farooqui has been acquitted by the Delhi High Court on appeal of charges of raping a US research scholar. The judgement has attracted sharp criticism from a number of quarters, most importantly womens’ groups, on many counts, including the fact that the court disbelieved the rape survivor and went on to hold that a “feeble no” could, in fact, mean “yes”.

Arun Srivastava

With expansion of the sakhas losing momentum in recent months, the RSS is worried about the future of its Hindutva agenda. After the Narendra Modi government coming to power the RSS sakhas have mushroomed and a large number of individuals got enrolled as members. But for the past one year stagnancy has crept in. Even some of the sakhas have been disbanded as the turnout at the congregations has been poor.

K. Raveendran

Berkeley is easily Rahul Gandhi’s best performance so far. The Congress vice president has come a long way since his first interview with Arnab Goswami for his former Times Now channel, which put the social media on fire accusing the interviewer of being a paedophile for asking tormenting questions, and the Bangalore University address where the students nearly heckled him for his unacceptable observations.

K R Sudhaman

Critical to any business is stability especially in prices to enable easy planning and execution. When there is volatility in the rupee exchange rate, exporters or importers usually demand stability in exchange rate even if there is sharp depreciation. It is no different when it comes to oil prices in the country as volatile prices hurt not only industry but also agriculture as every activity is dependent on oil.

S. Sethuraman

It is now official - the call given by RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat for amending the Indian Constitution to make it reflect "Indian" values. But Mr Bhagwat leaves no one in doubt that Hinduism being "the only true religion" in the world, our constitution and legal system should be aligned to its (Hindu) ethos, whatever it could mean for secularism or inclusiveness.

Subrata Majumder

After winning the bullet train battle in Indonesia, China has become suspicious of Japan in terms of the development of African economy. It suspects that the real aim of Indo-Japan joint partnership for Asia-Africa –Growth Corridor (AAGC) initiative to be an attempt for disruption of the Chinese Belt & Road initiative (B&R). Neither Japan nor India is a member of B&T. According to Chinese daily Global Times, “the two countries are trying to counterbalance the Belt & Road initiative with the AAGC plan”.

Amulya Ganguli

The ghoulish glee expressed in the celebratory tweets put out by Hindu “patriots” over the journalist Gauri Lankesh’s murder in Bengaluru, underlines the insane hatred against what a saffronite calls “Leftist, Naxal sympathizer, anti-establishment and anti-Hindu” people.

L.S. Herdenia

All India Muslim Personal Board after its two-day meet here seems to have chosen the policy of no-confrontation with the government or judiciary on the issue of triple talaq. Reiterating its well-known stand of no interference in matters of Shariah, the Board gave a call for reform to end the practice of instant triple talaq.

Nitya Chakraborty

One year has passed since Brazil’s first woman President Dilma Rousseff of the Brazilian Workers Party(PT) was removed from office by an unconstitutional coup by the right wing parties  with the  encouragement of the corporate media and the US  business interests .During this period, the new president  Michel Temer who is known as one of the most corrupt politicians, has made all  efforts to undo all the pro-people measures introduced by the left wing government under Rousseff and earlier by Lula de Silva during his  two terms as President, but  the unelected Pr

Sankar Ray

Nuclear power financing is embroiled in a global bankruptcy with top two, Toshiba-Westinghouse, US subsidiary of Toshiba of Japan and its French equivalent, the state-owned AREVA facing financial debacle. Toshiba Westinghouse, afflicted with   technical problems, time and massive cost overruns at construction projects V.C. Summer and Vogtle in the USA, filed for bankruptcy protection of its American subsidiary. AREVA went technically bankrupt as a sequel to a cumulative six-year loss of US$12.3 billion.