Reflex Action

Barun Das Gupta

The publication of the National Register of Citizens in Assam has caused concern in Bangladesh for obvious reasons. Names of some 40 lakh people did not find place in the NRC and concerns were naturally raised about their future status as citizens. Although the date for inclusion of names “with proper documents to prove citizenship” has been extended, many fear that even in the revised NRC hundreds of thousands of people are likely to find their names missing.

Dr. S. Ganesan Regional Director, IGNOU

Development of any country depends mainly on human resources and social factors (64%) followed by its natural resources (20%), infrastructure (16%) and so on. The A & N Islands has high literacy rate (86%) as well as gross enrolment ratio. Due to the same, the demand for college education is increasing day-by-day. Obviously, the common education structure 10+2+3 normally targets at degree colleges, (first degree or UG level), as compared to professional /technical courses.

John Wojcik

During my two-week vacation in Germany last month it was clear to me that Germany, like the U.S., is at a crossroad. Dangerous developments connected with a rising fascist movement under the banner of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) are underway. Germany’s Left Party (die Linke), on the other hand could well be on its way toward mounting an effective fightback.

Harihar Swarup

Election Commission has rightly scotched idle speculation in recent days on the possibility of clubbing Lok Sabha elections with 11 assembly polls. Drastic solutions like imposing President’s Rule in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Mizoram were mooted so that polls here could be delayed and synchronized with general elections.

Anjan Roy

Most politicians when they die, evoke mixed feelings and despise even when their achievements are supreme. In many time, they are bitterly remembered because they hit so many so hard.

Amulya Ganguli

History will see Atal Behari Vajpayee and Narendra Modi in completely different lights for being almost diametrically opposite to one another.
The differences between the two BJP prime ministers related mainly to their temperament and outlook, which, in turn, guided their approach to governance where it concerned coalitional politics.

Mrinal K. Biswas

Arun Jaitley’s return to finance ministry after convalescence from serious surgical operation will give him little respite as he will be under tremendous pressure to firefight the multiple heads of discord in the  country’s economy.
To keep the threat of inflation away is the most important task before the government at this critical juncture of uncertainties on the global and domestic fronts. Inflation hits the commoners most and the power that is looking askance at this threat in the election time round the corner.

P. Sreekumaran

These are not frightening frames from an Alfred Hitchcock movie. These are shocking sights of a real-life tragedy unfolding its horrors. And it has been the lot of God’s Own Country to witness it.
Kerala is no stranger to rain havoc and the resultant flood fury. But the ordeal by water the state is undergoing at present has no parallels. The solitary exception, perhaps, is the rain of misery which battered the state 90 years ago.

Nitya Chakraborty

In the wake of the Independence Day address of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the publication of an opinion poll of a news channel that the Congress has good chance of regaining all the three states- Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh in the coming assembly elections, the highest level of the BJP leadership is seriously thinking of proponing the Lok Sabha poll to December this year coinciding with the assembly elections.

K R Sudhaman

Prime Minister Narendra Modi coined a new phrase ‘Minimum Government; Maximum Governance’ in 2014. Recently in his ‘mann ki baat’ radio address, he said good governance is the birthright of every Indian citizen like swaraj (independence) and we should have it.