Reflex Action

Pradeep Kapoor

During last two phase polling, Samajwadi Party and Congress appears to be emerging as frontrunner in a multi-corner contest for crucial assembly polls for Uttar Pradesh assembly.
Heavy polling in second phase also indicates that voters are determined for a government formation ruling out the possibility of a hung assembly.
Significantly enough, districts with Muslim populations saw maximum turn out and heavy voting from both the communities.

Debkumar Bhadra

It was Sunday and I thought it would be a nice idea to spend the holiday exploring the natural environment at Mount Harriet. The thought was driven by the fact that, I could not say no to an offer to trek to Kala Pathar with Ollie, the man who loves rocks. We decided to start early in the morning so that we could devote ample time exploring the nature and also spend some time searching for the inscription that finds mention in the letter written by Rev Thomas L. J.

Amitabh Kant

India is making an attempt to transition to a digital payment, less cash economy. Given that only a meagre percentage of our population pays taxes, the nation’s economy also grows as more and more transactions come under banking and taxation system through digital payments. Besides, corruption in public life and governance is oiled by cash, so as we move towards a less-cash society, this anonymity which a corrupt entity enjoys by using cash goes away. Moreover, cash printing and its distribution is extremely expensive.

G. Srinivasan

A tech-start up for the benefit of users worldwide such as Uber, literally meant upstart, to deliver a sharing economy that had left a profoundly disruptive impact to the existing business model that was following business-as-usual approach is now in the thick of news in India. The ongoing strike by thousands of Uber and Ola drivers in Delhi and Haryana demanding better pay had dislocated the ride-hailing services that had all but decimated traditional taxi and auto rickshaw operators with their relatively inexpensive fares for far too long.

P. Sreekumaran

In politics, timing is as important as perception. If your timing goes awry, you end up paying a heavy penalty in terms of credibility and erosion of ground support. Likewise, it is of utmost importance that you create the right perception among the public at large.  On both counts, the CPM, which heads the Left Democratic Front (LDF) Government in Kerala, suffered a loss of face by its clumsy handling of the Law Academy Law College issue.

S. Sethuraman

The Supreme Court reinstating the earlier conviction of Ms. Sasikala and two other co-accused in the Disproportionate Assets Case  of 1996, may have cleared the hurdle for the Tamil Nadu Governor to invite waiting Mr.O S Panneerselvam or a new Sasikala nominee Mr E. Palaniswami to prove majority to form a new AIADMK Government.

It has been my endeavour that there should be a strict Quality regime in Indian steel industry for health and safety of the steel consumers, whether it be stainless steel, construction grade steel or other steel products. We have brought certain products under Quality Control Order and are gradually expanding the scope by bringing in more and more products under BIS certification.

Ajay Srivastava

Latest data suggests signs of recovery of India’s exports. December 2016 is the continuous 4th month when merchandise exports registered positive growth. Despite weak global demand, India’s overall Trade figures also look good, helped by the strong net foreign exchange earnings from the IT-led Services Export Sector. During this period, Government kept a watch and intervened frequently to improve the export performance through initiatives targeted at improving export competitiveness: both short and long term.

B K Chum

Some elections acquire unusual significance. February 4 Punjab Assembly election was one of them for a number of reasons. Its outcome will decide the political future of the 90-year-old five-time chief minister Parkash Singh Badal, as his age factor may act against his contesting 2022 poll.

Nantoo Banerjee

The massive push for digital transactions and less-cash society ostensibly to fight black money menace may soon have few takers as digital payments have started dropping after their initial rise in November and December, following selective demonetization of high-value currencies. If the latest representative Reserve Bank data is any indication, the government’s campaign for digital transfers is not cutting much ice with the general public. The easing cash supply situation is slowing down digital transactions.