Hoarding on organic: C.M.’s initiative shows the way

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23 Jun 2018

The installation of a ‘Welcome to the Organic Sikkim’ hoarding by the Horticulture and Cash Crop Development Department of of Sikkim Government at Rangpo check post, the main entry point to Sikkim, is attracting Indian and foreign tourist arriving in the state.
Sikkim Chief Minister Pawan Chamling in the speech  at Cheuribhotay  under West Pendam constituency   on June 7 suggested about the installation of boards of these types. He mentioned that he has asked to install such a board at Rangpo some months but nothing had been done.
After the comment of the Chief Minister the government sprang into action and completed the installation of the hoarding. It is believed, though, that a digital hording would be more attractive in comparison with a conventional hoarding.