TEDx in Sikkim from October 7

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24 Aug 2018

The Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology, Majitar, Sikkim has begun the preparations for the organization of TEDxSMIT on  October 7, 2018.  After three successful editions of the event since 2015, this year 'Audacity to Mould' has been chosen as the theme for the event.
The organizing team has been set up for hosting the mega event with Atul Shrivastava being the lead organizer and Abhishek Sharma as the co-organizer for the event. The core team for the event has Bishal Chettri as finance lead, Areen Sahu as event management lead, Anjali Agarwal and Pranshu Dutta as editorial lead, Sudipta Das and Ronak Agarwal for the designing team, Akash Singh on public relations and Shauvick Das and Ratul Ghosh in the technical team. Vatsalya Singh and Ketan Mangla have been assigned as media leads.
The event is organized by the SMIT Alumni Association. Prof B. B. Pradhan mentors the organizers regarding the event. Saurabh Sharma and Tshering Yanki Ladakhi have been associated with the event since the first edition as the teacher coordinators.
The vibe of excitement has started to grow as the speaker launch for the event has begun. Speaking to the media Shrivastava said Ericsson Global Services managing director Amitabh Ray and author Sangeetha Param have been launched as speakers with many other notable personalities to follow in the future.
Speaking about the significance of TEDx in Sikkim, TEDxSMIT aims at helping students and local communities have exposure to world class ideas and experiences through its talks. Stepping into its fourth edition, we target at fulfilling our purpose and demand the active participation of the public and students for the same, appealed Dr B B Pradhan.