Shahjahanpur DM’s unique proposal for maintaining hygiene

26 Sep 2018

Prove yourself to be a hygiene champion and become Shahjahanpur's DM for a day, albeit minus financial powers. The offer has been made by Shahjahanpur district magistrate Amrit Tripathi himself.
Tripathi has made the offer apparently taking the cue from Anil Kapoor-starer 'Nayak - the Real Hero', with an aim to educate and inspire villagers about hygiene and cleanliness with the help from college students. The DM told newspersons he has constituted four or five teams of local college students to work for the 'Swachh Bharat Mission' and spread the message for the need of hygiene among the residents of the villages allocated to them. The students have been given the task to inspire villagers to keep their surroundings clean, use toilets and have their houses white-washed. They have also been asked to supervise the distribution of mid-day meals in village schools and the anti-pest fogging there, he said.
They have been further asked to present plans for better utilisation of the unused funds for developmental works in the villages and submit reports of their work to his office, Tripathi said. On the basis of their reports, the district administration team would visit the villages to inspect their work and chose the best performing team, he said. The leader of the best performing team would be made Shahjahanpur DM for a day, said Tripathi. On that day, the team leader would hear the complaints of the locals from 9 am to 11 am and also inspect schools and villages during the day.
The temporary DM, however, will have no financial powers, Tripathi said, adding he would accompany the "DM-for-a-day" throughout the day to advise him.