Breakthrough in Siliguri businessman murder case

Police arrested five more people
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19 May 2017

Siliguri Metropolitan police got breakthrough in Siliguri businessman murder case after arresting five more accused persons, the number has now reached eight where seven are males and one female.
Siliguri’s police commissioner CS Lepcha on Thursday night revealed about the businessman’s murder case in a press conference called at her office.
Lepcha said that Ratan Das, Ramu Kamar, Uttam Biswas, Khokan Biswas, Sampat Sarkar and Surjeet Banerjee are arrested after interrogation made with accused arrested earlier in the same case. Earlier, Ajay Sarkar and Pramila were arrested, whereas Gaurang Sarkar  had surrendered before Siliguri court.
Police Commissioner further said that there are three to four people more we are looking for. Their names have been found after interrogation of those arrested by us. As the case is ongoing, they did not disclose these names.
Regarding the cause of the murder, she said that there was a dispute between the shopkeepers and the lifting of the shop in the market. Earlier these people were in the same group, but later their group was broken following the disputes.
According to police among eight arrested persons Surjeet Banerjee is the kingpin of the murder case.