Britannia’s Dairy Whitenerto delight consumers

4 Apr 2017

Have you ever wondered which ingredient makes a perfect cup of tea? Sugar, tea powder, spices which add that extra zing or milk…popular consumer choice across India statesthat milk is the key ingredient, especially Cow’s Milk. Britannia Industries Ltd recently re-launched their Dairy Whitenerloaded with the goodness of cow’s Milk. The new Britannia Dairy Whitener with a superior recipe, improved solubility, premium packaging and competitive pricing has hit the shelves across West Bengal, North East, Orissa and Kerala.
Cow’s milk contains protein, Vitamin B, Vitamin A, various minerals, and antioxidants, making it a vital additive in your daily cup of tea or coffee. Known to be the healthier and purer form of milk packed with Beta-Carotene, cow’s milk is supposed to becreamy and easily digestible. The new Britannia Dairy Whitener brings alive the goodness and taste of cow’s milk perfectly.
Sharing his perspective on the launch, Sarad Garodia, Business Head of Dairy Operations, Britannia Dairy Pvt. Ltd. said, “The product has been revamped to become the best choice of dairy whitener in the market, which has been validated by consumers, traders and channel partners on multiple occasions. The product has come about post extensive R & D and consumer research, based on the primary insight that consumersfavour cow’s milk as a preferred additive. With the brand-newproposition of ‘Goodness of Cow’s Milk’ and competitive pricing, it will be the perfect recipe for a wonderful cup of tea or coffee.”
Britannia’s Dairy Whitener is made from Cow’s Milk that is sourced directly from the rich and green hinterlands of Maharashtra. Targeted at households passionate about their cup of tea or coffee, Britannia Dairy Whitener is available in stores across West Bengal, North East, Orissa and Kerala. It will be available at Rs. 385 per kilogram and at a trial pack of Rs. 10 for 24 Gms.