Certified Biodegradable alternative of plastics is now available at Siliguri

Report by: 
Prashant Acharya
26 May 2018

Every administration to common people are doing their best for creating awareness and curbing down the limitless usage of plastic and thermocol.
We all are concerned with the environment and the issue related to the plastic uses. However, there are some major reasons behind the irresponsible use of plastic by common people, firstly it is light and durable. Second, it is convenient to use and is economical than traditional bags. Therefore banning plastic will be challenging, it would be better if we find an alternative of plastic to cater to everyone’s need.
There are many certified alternatives to plastic of which few products are practically viable as Biodegradable, Photodegradable and Bioplast.
These three have all the physical properties of plastic like light weight, durable and economic but the major advantage with these are their property to degrade naturally within short span of time, and are non-toxic to the environment (water, soil and air).
At present people are not aware about such alternatives. An NGO based in Siliguri has come forward with effective measures to educate and aware people about such alternatives, its usage and the proper process of decomposition. They will also supply the Certified Biodegradable Alternative of the plastics to the common people.
The theme for the world environment day 2018 is "Beat the plastic" and the NGO is also planning to demonstrate the efficiency of using biodegradable plastic on the occasion.