Deb slams centre for withdrawing security forces from hills

Report by: 
Prashant Acharya
16 Oct 2017

West Bengal state tourism minister Gautam Deb on Monday slammed central government for the decision of withdrawing central security forces from the hills despite of fresh violence erupted in Darjeeling where ASI Amitava Malik lost his life in cross firing between police and Morcha (backed by Bimal Gurung).
Deb said the decision will spoil the relations and also harm in federal infrastructure between state and central. He also said that central government has gone beyond the decision of the High Court as the forces were sent after the order came from the HC.
Deb also slammed the central government for playing a political game and conspiring against Bengal to divide into two parts.
He said, “The hill was slowly coming back to normal but all of a sudden violence erupted after Bimal Gurung and his followers attacked and killed the ASI. In this situation how can central government decides to withdraw 10 companies of security forces from the hills, this is not justifiable.”