Dire warning to overloaded trucks

Report by: 
Prashant Acharya
19 Apr 2017

Truck owners and drivers associations from Siliguri and Sikkim have come down heavily on trucks overloading.
Speaking today at the Siliguri Journalists’ Club, Ningma Sherpa, president of Sikkim Truck Drivers’ Association, said the situation has resulted in other trucks from West Bengal and Sikkim going empty due to some trucks carrying more than the government sanctioned limit.
Several truck owners’ and drivers’ associations said the situation is severe as it has resulted in other trucks, utility vehicles, tippers, trucks and pick-up vans going empty. The associations from Siliguri and Sikkim have threatened to seize goods if vehicles are found overloaded.
Sherpa said that in the case of overloaded trucks plying on the Siliguri – Sikkim and Darjeeling – Kalimpong routes thereby causing loss of business to other trucks, such vehicles would be seized under both Siliguri and Sikkim truck associations from April 10 onwards.
Sikkim Truck Owners’ Organisation, Sikkim Truck Drivers’ Organisation, Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Trucks Owners’ Organisation, Himalayan National Highway Trucks Owners’ Organisation, Siliguri NH10 trucks Owners’ Organisation and various other truck owners and drivers’ associations have come together to form the Siliguri Teesta Sikkim NH10 Joint Action Committee.