Fake eggs paranoia enters Siliguri

Report by: 
Prashant Acharya
3 Apr 2017

Following Kolkata's rub off with the fake egg scandal, it's Siliguri's turn to become paranoid over a dozen or so 'plastic' eggs that have found their way into a house at Ward 24 under the Siliguri Municipal Corporation.
Debashish Moitro of Bharat Nagar had bought a dozen eggs on Sunday from the local grocer's. When he prepared an omelette this morning, the egg began smelling like plastic. He broke open some more eggs and exposed the yolk to a candle flame and a similar smell of burnt plastic filled the house.
Moitro said he went immediately to ward councillor Shankar Ghosh and told him what had happened.
When word spread about the plastic eggs, Trinamool Congress councillors of the SMC were seen on the streets checking egg shops and warning sellers.
Ranjan Sarkar, the SMC opposition leader, said, "It is the duty of the SMC to make people aware and check food items coming to Siliguri from other states."
Mayor Ashok Bhattacharya said, "SMC workers are doing their duty, they are visiting eggs sellers along with officials of the food and supply department. Egg testing is being done across the state."
The recovery of eggs with shells made of ‘plastic-like materials’ and chemical induced albumen (white) and embryo (yolk) has terrorised Bengal over the last few days.
“We fear the majority of such fake eggs may have come from the coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh, which traditionally have been the source of eggs for West Bengal,” said an official of the investigating team set up by the SMC.