Leopard on the run trapped near safari park home

4 Jan 2019

The leopard that escaped from a safari park here on New Year's Day was captured near it after four days on Friday, the park director said.
After the leopard, named Sachin, fled, the authorities set up around a dozen traps near the park and the big cat was found in one of them, Bengal Safari Park Director Rajendra Jakhar said.
The leopard is being taken back to its own enclosure, he said.
Panic gripped Siliguri,  on Tuesday after Sachin escaped and could not be traced for three days. Some employees of the Park saw the big cat escaping from its enclosure Tuesday morning, following which visitors were not allowed there on Tuesday, Forest officials said.
The enclosures for different animals in the safari park have been built with nets made of iron, an official said, adding, forest officials are trying to figure out how the big cat escaped from its enclosure.