At Meena More of Dooars, morning rolls out with Lachha Parotha

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28 Dec 2018

Dooars’s Meena More near Bagrakote Tea Garden has become the popular watering hole for people who throng  there for their favourite breakfast with ‘Lachha Parotha’. Fifteen shops along highway are run by the same family and ‘Lachha Parotha is the popular menu in all the shops
Hundreds of passengers including tourists and locals visiting Bhutan, Sikkim and other parts of North Bengal stop here for tasty breakfast.
All the shops are opened at 4 am and closed at 2 pm. The time is strictly followed by all the shop owners.
Ten years back there was only one shop run by Krishna Chhetri who started selling ‘Lachha Parotha’ after getting trained from a popular restaurant in Kerala.
Krishna is no more now but after his death his wife Sabitri and son Sekhar are running the shop.
Sekhar said, “Now there are 15 shops and they all sell ‘Lachha Parotha’, some of them had learned making Lachha from my father and others had trained from restaurants in south India.”
Raju Chhetri of Gorkha Dhaba said, “I worked under Krishna for more than two years and learned making “Lachha Parotha.”
When asked why Lachha Parotha has become so popular here he said, “My guru started the trend of making the tasty Lachha Parotha and used to serve with traditional chutney made of ‘Gundruk’, ‘Ghuguni’ and other vegetables which became famous for people.”
Madhav Chhetri, another shop owner says that he was in Kerala for ten years and learned making many items including Lachha Parotha and they have started own business here. He said, “You will not find such a tasty Lachha Parotha in entire Dooars, people travel long distances to have breakfast with Lachha Parotha her.”
According to Madhav all the shop owners are relatives of Krishan and belong to Chhetri family of the same village.
Rajiv Banerjee a tourist from Kolkata who was visiting Bhutan said, “I have heard about the place and tasty Lachha Parotha and it tasted really  awesome.”
Shiv Prasad from Jaigaon said, “I am a businessman and have to travel to Siliguri frequently, I regularly visit this place for breakfast as the Lachha Parotha is tasty and cheaper.”