Mother alleges police inaction into complaints of sexual assault of minor daughter

3 Sep 2018

Alleging police inaction into a complaint lodged against a grocer for alleged molestation and attempting to rape a minor of Saratnagar of Shib Mandir area under Matigara police station, her mother drew attention of police officials through media today.
The housewife alleged that while she and her elder daughter  were away from house leaving her 13-year old  daughter alone in the house, the grocer entered her house with the excuse of delivering rice bags on August 30 forenoon.
“My innocent  daughter allowed him to enter the house. It was then that the grocer molested and even attempted to rape her. As my daughter screamed, he ran away. After we returned and learnt about her horrific experience, I  asked the grocer about the incident. But instead of being ashamed, he rather threatened me and my family members with dire consequences. For this, we were forced to lodge a complaint against the grocer,” she said.
And she continued. ``However, the police have not taken any action so far. Meanwhile, the accused has been regularly threatening us and pressurizing us to withdraw the complaint against him. But we want to see the end of it,” the housewife alleged.
She hoped that senior police officials would take a note of her complaint and take necessary legal action.
Although senior police officials preferred not to comment on the  allegations, it has been learnt from sources that the matter was being looked into. (EOIC)