Naxalbari: Minor girl allegedly raped by maternal cousin

Report by: 
Prashanta Acharya
28 Jul 2017

In a shocking incident a minor girl was allegedly raped by her own maternal cousin brother at Naxalbari.
The incident happened at Station Para of Naxalbari where nine years old girl was allegedly raped several times since by her cousin Jiwan Khanal.
Jiwan was today arrested by Naxalbari after the girl exposed the untold episode to her friends who later informed the school teacher and complaint was filed against the accused.
Twenty-two years old Jiwan was residing at Station Para near the victim’s resident.
According to the information given to the police the accused threatened the victim with dire consequences not to leak the matter to anyone.
Facing the physical torture the victim finally shared the distressing story with her friends, who further informed the school teachers. The teachers called the minor’s parents and told them everything. Police have started the investigation.