A noble step to fight hemophilia

28 Jan 2019

Hemophilia Society Durgapur Chapter in association with the Siliguri Hemophilia Society jointly organised one awareness programme on complication in musculoskeletal and management of Hemophilia on January 27 at Siliguri for the hemophilacs and their families across north Bengal. The main objective of this programme to educate and create awareness on Hemophilia and its basic care to identify the undiagnosed and wrongly diagnosed hemophilacs at early stages so that they can start their treatment before they crippled. Around 36 hemophilacs and their parents attended the programme. Dr. Dibeyenbu Dey, Consultant Hematolist, The Mission Hospital Durgapur highlighted on his speech about the common signs and symptoms of Hemophilia and its basic care. Peasants Mandal, Physiothepist, Siliguri demonstrated the basic exercises to strengthen the muscles which can prevent the bleeding episodes. Mr. Ajoy Roy, Executive member of Hemophilia Federation (India) and Vice Presedent of Durgapur Chapter requested all the hemophilacs and their family members to continue physical exercises to live a better life.