16 Jun 2017

Students of Surendra Institute of Engineering and Management have successfully designed an Intelligent Gesture Controlled Wireless Robotic Arm – (MYROB) that can heal the pain of physically challenged people, as MYROB can be easily controlled by an Android Mobile phone. MYROB can sense the human need, can pick and drop any objects in our home. The physically challenged people now no need to worry for getting homely assistance from a machine with senses.
The MYROB is based on the concept of controlling a specific robotic arm wirelessly using a portable controller. This ROBOARM is controlled by Human Arm Gesture. The ROBOARM resembles the movement of the controlling human arm efficiently. The major idea behind this project is to introduce the concept of Controller Portability.
This unique project is better than the conventional ROBOARM, where the total controlling circuit is attached to human arm which looks clumsy. Rupak Chowdhury, Utpal Ghosh, Archana Chettri and Bandana Sarkar, final year students of dept. of ECE, SIEM has designed the PORTABLE CONTROLLER more secure, easy to use and compact in size, under the guidance of Prof. Ritam Dutta, faculty of SIEM College at Siliguri.
The head of the department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Prof Dutta also told that these students have been designing MYROB since last one year. He also added that it is a proud moment for all of us. ATMEGA 328P microcontroller has been used as the neuron of ROBOARM flexible to move 180 degree to pick objects easily. The controller is basically an Android App, which utilises the Accelerometer sensor and Magnetic Sensor to resemble the human arm movements. 
MYROB is ready to launch its first appearance in market, costs around Rs. 4500 only. Most importantly this MYROB robot is cheap compared to any other gesture controlled robot and this MYROB can be controlled by mobile App, so no remote is needed for that. Therefore, if the mobile is lost then also the App can be available for every android phone.