Sachin, the leopard, still missing

3 Jan 2019

The missing Leopard ‘Sachin’ could not be traced even today even after the authorities of the Safari Park where the animal escaped from used two drones for scanning  the dense forest and four well trained elephants were used to find it out.
Authorities also used ten cages with baits, installed seven cameras and deployed 100 staff members to locate the missing animal.
Binod Kumar Yadav, member secretary of West Bengal Zoo Authority on Thursday said, “Today also the Leopard could not be captured. We could not locate the leopard but pug marks were seen at three places along Singhi Jhora.  Again 10 cages are kept near the place of pug mark. Four elephants will continue scanning the dense forests.”
Asim Chaki who was with the patrolling team for the entire day said, “Two Drones and camera traps  were used to track down Sachin but all in vain. The search will continue whole night.” (EOIC)