Sikkim Yuva Shakti Front to work for security and welfare of state people

Report by: 
Prashant Acharya
19 Apr 2018

Sikkim Yuva Shakti Front, a newly opened poiltical party on Wednesday informed that it has opened by the right commitment and determination of all the youths of Sikkim for the true security and the welfare of Sikkimese people and the beautiful Sikkim with the aims of sustainable development as well.
The members during the press conference at Siliguri Journalist Club on Wednesday said that the main objectives of Sikkim Yuva Shakti is to raise up all the Sikkimese people those who have been socially, economically and politically dominated and deceived with awareness of real democracy. The different kinds of problems facing by the Sikkimese people have been deeply studied for a long time from the different angles for the prosperity, peace and welfare of Sikkimese people subsiding all kind of wrong action or wrong ideological activities.
Sikkim Yuva Shakti Front has opened among all the people of Sikkim for the happiness and prosperity with the long term vision for the betterment of Sikkim and its people. Party president Suman Rai said their party is fully dedicated for the development of society and the state utilising the knowledge, creativity and enthusiasm of youths because youths are today's hope and future makers of Sikkim and Sikkimese people as well. He said: “Our party has made its aims and objectives according to the public and their interest for the welfare of Sikkimese people making the future programmes and agendas”.