The Singtam lady who was inspired by Mother Teresa

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27 Aug 2018

Inspired by Mother Teresa social worker Indu Subedi from Sikkim had left her private job to work for the betterment of the unwanted, uncared and unloved people of the society and make the state a better place to live in.
Thirty-year-old Indu of Singtam have been helping underprivileged and unwanted elderly people since the past nine years.Earlier, Indu used to collect coins in a box and use the fund to take unwanted and uncared for people for recreation to different parks and religious places.
Indu is now a member of a Darjeeling-based NGO named Namaste Foundation and has helped around 200 people of various places including Singtam, Rangpo, Mangan, Namchi, Yangyang and Gangtok.
“If the government of Sikkim supports us by providing a shelter house (home) for such unwanted people it would very helpful. ‘Sikkim lai ajai sundar ra swachha banauna ma kaam garney chu’ (I will work hard to make Sikkim more clean and beautiful),” Indu, who was in Siliguri lately said.  She said she loved animals, unwanted people and nature and would like to dedicate her life in serving for these three.
Indu who joined Namaste Foundation a year ago has been working hard in Sikkim and inspiring people to work with her. “I have seen tourists visiting Sikkim avoid and run away from unwanted older people, deaf and dumb and mentally ill people. Then I made up my mind to be with those hated people and care for them by providing first aid, clothes, foods and make them take bath,” she said, explaining why she has been attracted to social work.
Pinkey Biswakarma, founder of Namaste Foundation said that Indu helped a lot by spending her pocket money for serving unwanted people in Sikkim. She worked tirelessly and wholeheartedly so her would thank her for her dedication and hard work.