Style Mintra celebrates Christmas at old age home

Report by: 
Prashant Acharya
26 Dec 2018

Style Mantra family of Bagdogra celebrated Christmas with the old age people at Usha Old Age Home, Rohini under Kurseong block on Tuesday.
Salim Pradhan social worker and MD of Style Mantra Salon & Academy took initiative to celebrate the sacred day with old age people by providing with clothes, dry food and other necessary items.
Around 40 members including the staff, students and social workers from Dudhia, Panighatta, Bagdogra and Siliguri celebrated Christmas with old age people and took lunch with them.
The members also cut their hair, nails of the old people. Various entertainment programmes including games and dancing competition were also organised between old age people and the organisers gave them attractive gift hampers.
Salim Pradhan from Style Mintra said, “I thought why should not we celebrate this Christmas at old age home with our mothers and fathers who were thrown away by their own children. I had saved my pocket money for the last three months and we took lunch with them.”
Sudarshan Subba, a social worker from Dudhiya who was at old age home for the last two days said, “I felt glad that I could spend at least two days with senioe citizens and I wished I could provide necessary support in future.”
Usha Tamang, caretaker of the home said, “This was a unique way to celebrate Christmas with people of old generation here along with Style Mantra family, Bagdogra.”