Tripartite meeting for minimum wage in tea gardens sputters to silence again

14 Mar 2017

The tripartite meeting on Saturday over implementation of Minimum Wage for around 450 tea gardens and nearly 7 lakh workers of Bengal ended without any breakthrough.
The meeting, held at the Uttarkanya between labour minister Malay Ghatak, workers' unions and garden managements, could not fix the minimum wage for the workers.
A committee to implement the Minimum Wage Act was formed in 2015 by the state government, but it has failed to decide the minimum wage that is negotiated once in three years while the existing agreement will end on March 31 of this year. The system of reviving the agreement has  prevailed since 1977.
Ziaur Alam, Joint Forum leader, accused the state government of favouring the owners over workers and not putting pressure on the management for implementation of minimum wage. He said the government should fix the minimum wage and that if it is not fixed by this March, the Forum will be forced to launch an aggressive movement across West Bengal.
Meanwhile, the labour minister said, "The state government is keen to implement minimum wage for workers and every time the wage has been negotiated through tripartite meetings. This time too I hope the issue will get resolved soon and the wage fixed amicably. (EOIC)