Tripartite meeting at Uttarkanya to discuss interim relief for tea-garden workers

Report by: 
Prashant Acharya
17 Jun 2018

A tripartite meeting between the state government, management of tea gardens and trade union leaders of North Bengal resolved to hike the salary of staffs and sub-staffs of tea gardens to 18 percent of their existence gross salary as an interim arrangement till wages are not fixed under the Minimum Wage Act.
Earlier in January this year the meeting had resolved the wage hike of tea workers by Rs.17.50 as an interim relief. The revised wages of the workers has increased to Rs.150 now from Rs.132.50.
The interim hike of wages of workers and salary of staffs and sub-staffs will be implemented from earlier January 2018.
State Labour Minister Malay Ghatak said, “Salary has been hiked to 18 percent of the gross salary of tea garden staffs and sub-staffs in all category and the management and the trade union leaders has agreed on this. This will be in affect until the final wages is fixed under Minimum Wages Act.”
Harihar Acharya, vice president of GJM backed Darjeeling Terai Dooars Plantation Labour Union said, “Since our ultimate demand is implementation of Minimum Wage Act and we have now agreed with this interim relief, but we will stick to our demand until it is met.
Tourism minister Gautam Deb other government officials, tea owners and management along with trade union leaders of all the political parties were present in the meeting.