Wife of IAS officer defends husband, says she is proud of his valour

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7 Jan 2019

Wife of Bengal cadre IAS officer and District Magistrate (DM) of Alipurduar Nikhil Nirmal who thrashed a young man for allegedly sending objectionable posts on FB, inside a police station defended his act saying she was proud of her husband for the act. The wife Nandhani made this comment on her FB page. Nirmal was sent on leave for ten days after the incident of Sunday where he and his wife Nandhani Krishnan were shown in a video trashing a youth in front of the police officer for allegedly making derogatory comments against his wife on FB page.
The shocking video taken inside the Falakata police station has become viral which shows how DM and his wife Nandhani beat up a youth saying, “No one will dare to go against me in my district. If I can bring you in police station within an half an hour I can enter your home and kill you.” According to Falakata police a youth named Binod Kumar who was facebook friend of Nandhani added her in a group and made derogatory comments. After the complaint made by Nandhani Binod was arrested on Saturday night. On Sunday morning Nikhil and Nandhani went to police station and started beating Binod. Though Binod asked for forgiveness on several occasions by holding DM’s feet he was beaten several times.
Nandhani also asked for a stick but the officer said it could not be used. The video shows Nikhil and Nandhani thrashing Binod and asking, “At whose command did you make such comments? Read out the line fast and tell my name.”