Contraband seized

26 Dec 2018

Alert residents of Shanti Colony Samaj, Aadarsh Gaon  today found a  huge quantity of drugs from the residence of one Joshep Tamang of  Bhanu Park building of Kundan Mal Sarda and handed him over to Singtam Police in the presence of S.D. Lachenpa-S.I./Singtam, Laxuman Gazmer-SI/Singtam, Gazetted officer  Somnath Pandey.  Tamang's wife Arati Rai is absconding.
Police recovered around 434 bottles of cough syrup, Elturex and Relaxcof,  24,280 nos of Spasmoproxvon, 78 nos of Nitroson-10 ((N 10) and a large amount of cash. (EOIC)