80 protesters arrested as US Congress prepares to tackle health care again

11 Jul 2017

Police arrested 80 people at the buildings of the US Congress, as demonstrators voiced opposition to US lawmakers' latest efforts to make progress on a stalled health care overhaul bill. Senators who returned back to Washington yesterday after a week off -- House members are due back today -- are under the gun as they struggle to craft legislation that will allow them to make good on a vow to "repeal and replace" Barack Obama's "Obamacare" health care bill. Protesters yesterday Monday fanned out in at least 13 different parts of the Capitol complex, hundreds of offices housing lawmakers and their staff members. Capitol police said in a statement that 32 men and 48 women were placed under arrest yesterday for "unlawful demonstration activities."
President Donald Trump ramped up pressure on Republicans in Congress on Monday, urging them to pass a health care reform measure before Congress goes on its August recess. Trump has made repealing and replacing Obma's signature health care bill, the 2010 Affordable Care Act (ACA), a top priority. (AFP)